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Islam in Christs Eyes

Islam is a topic that continues to dominate the news. Is Islam good or bad? Violent or peaceful? Also, is Islam a separate faith or is it, as many in the western world claim, only an Arabic word that means “submission” to God? Moreover, Muslims are very vocal in claiming that the source of Islam is the same as that of the Judeo-Christian faith – Allah. This adds another question: “Is Islam from God?” and, “Is Allah the same as the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible?” There are so many questions about Islam. Whom then can we trust to tell us about Islam? How about Jesus Christ? Jesus is the Lord of history. He has been there right from the beginning, and He witnessed the beginnings of Islam. A study on the history of anything unfolds the most about that thing – Islam included. Jesus is also the Light of the world and the Truth, and because of that, His perspective is abstract and unbiased. But can we know what Jesus thinks about Islam?

Fortunately, yes.

Jesus is the Word of God and the Bible is a reflection of His mind. A close study of Islam from a Biblical perspective can reveal a lot about Islam in Christ’s Eyes.

Wissam Youssif is a Christian convert from Islam and a native of Baghdad, Iraq. His ministry (the Arab Christian Ministry) is both local and global. Locally, he serves as an associate minister at the Sunset Church of Christ in Taylor, MI, and
on a global level as the Adjunct Assistant Dean of Arabic Studies with his alma mater, Sunset International Bible Institute. He tells Muslims about Christ, and tells Christians about Islam.


Friday, April 13:   The History of Islam

Class 1 _ 6:30pm:   Abraham, Muhammad and the Golden Butterfly
Class 2 _ 8:00pm:   Evolution

Saturday, April 14:   The Theology of Islam

Class 1 _ 8:30am:   Islam Myth Buster
Class 2 _ 10:00am:   Is Allah God?

Sunday, April 15

9:00am sermon:   I am an Arab, and I am a Christian
10:30am Bible class:   The Quran, or the Bible? (Apologetics)


Afternoon sermon:   For We Do Not Wrestle

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