Being a missionary is not defined by geography. It is defined by having a mission.


Missions is more than just a ministry. Missions is the very purpose of the church. Many have come to believe that Missions is simply a ministry within the church and that it is only for a few called ones. Yet, in scripture, we see Gods heart for the lost in every word and period! Mark16:15 speaks forth Gods call to “go into all the world…” and we seek to do that in all that we do.

We at Lewisville want to think differently. We seek to make missions, both local, stateside, and international, our main purpose and priority. We currently support works on 4 different continents and 5 different states in the USA. We are also currently looking to expand our presence in missions and we encourage any and all to come back and check out all that we are doing!

If you would like any more information about Lewisville Missions, please feel free to contact the mission committee at missions@lewisvillecofc.org or Brandon Edwards (our Evangelism and Outreach Minister) at brandon@lewisvillecofc.org.

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