Being a missionary is not defined by geography. It is defined by having a mission.


In order to follow the command of Jesus to spread God’s Word throughout all of the world, the Lewisville church supports missionaries and groups that are willing to take the message of Christ and His church into all parts of the world. We have listed below the international mission efforts we are involved with. Please pray for these efforts and the good health and safety for those who serve.

If you have any interest in knowing more about our current works in these countries, please feel free to contact the church office.


Located on the north shore of the Bay of Bengal and otherwise almost completely surrounded by India, Bangladesh is the world’s largest delta and its most densely populated nation.  It occupies a land area approximately the same as the state of Iowa, but is home to more than 165 million people.  Islam is the official religion of Bangladesh, though its democratic constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Unlike most Muslim nations, one can preach openly (with caution) in Bangladesh, even converting Muslims.

 The first known congregation of the Churches of Christ in Bangladesh in modern times was planted in April 1984. At present there are probably between 80 and 100 churches in the country, with between 1,500 and 2,000 members. Many of these lack permanent buildings, full-time preachers, and other materials and facilities. Highland Park oversees more than 30 Bangladeshi evangelists.

Nepal is a former Hindu monarchy – the only such nation in the world.  As a result of a Maoist guerrilla campaign from 1996 to 2007 the king was deposed and a “people’s republic” formed in its place.  Nepal no longer recognizes an official religion, though Hinduism remains the majority religion with more than 87% of the population adhering.

Nepal is the “Rooftop of the World” – home to 8 of the world’s 14 highest peaks, including Mount Everest. It is also one of the poorest nations on earth.  Its population of over 28 million live primarily through subsistence agriculture on land that is at best marginal. Illiteracy and fatalism make them a downtrodden people, much exploited over the centuries.  Christianity is welcomed as a path to hope, not only in this world but in the one to come.

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Randy Warzecha – Randy and Angela Warzecha are faithful workers in the mission field of Aracaju, Brazil. Randy, a native of Minnesota, is a graduate of Lubbock Christian University and the Sunset Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas. After graduating, Randy made the decision to serve the Lord abroad and has worked in Costa Rica, Russia, and now in Brazil.

Upon arriving in Brazil, Randy soon saw the need to establish The School of the Bible as a means to reach out to the 500,000 plus souls in Aracaju. Through God’s grace and the help of a few fellow workers, several hundred lost souls have now successfully completed the school’s coursework. Many of these have been buried with their Lord in baptism and are now faithful Christians.

The congregation in Aracaju, with just a handful of members at the time of Randy’s arrival, is now approaching 100. In addition, many satellite congregations have been established and now thrive in the outlying areas. Members continue to accept additional responsibility and leadership roles as they grow in their faith.

China Agape Foundation

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Ricky Gootam studied in Europe and completed Bachelors at Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, TN (1998-2001). He went on to finish his MBA at Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City (2002). Ricky has worked with youth groups in Oklahoma and Tennessee (2003). He also worked with the College ministry of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma (2002-2006).
Ricky is currently doing mission work in Kakinada, India where Ricky is originally from. Ricky works with his father, Joshua Gootam (who was one of the first converts of the church in India in the 1950’s – he was baptized by the late Bro. J.C.Baily who was a pioneer missionary from Canada). Ricky is involved with TV ministry, printing, the Children home, a homeless shelter for the aged, a leper colony ministry, Bible courses, books printing, medical missions, Youth ministry, a sewing ministry, Children ministry, Church planting, and magazines. Every day they get 200 responses with all the out-reach they do. Their work is called “Satyavani” which means “The Voice of the Truth.” Ricky married to Sudeepa in 2006 and they welcomed their son Justin Gootam in 2008. Sudeepa is a great helper to the ministry at “Satyavani”. More than 4 million have so far finished the Basic Bible course in Telugu (from 1964 to this day). This is largest number in any regional language for churches of Christ anywhere in the world. Every day they reach 40 new souls for Christ though all the mass-media and personal outreach work from Kakinada, India. More information can be found at – www.satyavanicoc.com. Ricky can be reached at – rickygootam@yahoo.com


Leyte Christian College

South Africa

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George Funk (Gospel Chariot – World Bible School)
Rohan Jones

World Bible School

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