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Thanks for stopping by and checking out our site. We hope that while you are here you will find out a little about who we are, what we do, and how you can become involved. The goal of the Lewisville church of Christ is simple - we want to honor and glorify God in all that we do. We want to allow the light of Jesus to shine through us as we attempt to tell and live the Good News. We invite you, wherever you are in your spiritual journey, to study, learn, and grow along with us as we seek to glorify God in all things. God is truly good!

Those of us who make up the Lewisville church family do not claim perfection in any sense of the word. However, we are doing our best to become more like Jesus. We want to reflect His light to our community and the world. We are committed to allowing His Word to guide us in everything we do including our worship, our relationships and how we live our lives every day. Our goal is to live what we believe, that "church" is not about us, it is about Him.
What can you expect?

Education is a BIG deal at Lewisville. We want to know God's will for our lives. We want to know what He wants us to know. We want our hearts to beat fast for the same things that make His heart beat fast. We want to know His will, His ways, and His thoughts. Thus, we seek to know His Word! Come and join us - we have classes for all ages that will challenge you, help you grow, and push you in your spiritual walk with God.

The goal of our three full-time ministers is to make sure that the Word of God is taught consistently in our Bible classes as well as in our times of worship. They spend time ministering to our church family, as well as reaching out into our community. They have a deep passion for reaching others, teaching God's Word, and strengthening our members. Each one is ready to serve at any time whenever they are needed.
Meet our ministers

why we love it here

“We love it here because we feel like there is always something to do! We always have opportunities to serve, to learn, and to grow.”

why we love it here

“I love it at Lewisville because I feel like the Great Commission is not just a suggestion for a few – it is a call to action for every member!”

why we love it here

“We love it here because our kids are taught how to follow Christ. I love that spiritual education is a big deal.”

why we love it here

“I love it here because I feel like I have a purpose and a place. Every member is encouraged to get involved and BE the church.”

why we love it here

“I love it here because the people are about serving. They want to serve God by serving others.”

why we love it here

“I love it here because I know the truth is taught. I am encouraged to ask questions and to seek the answers in God’s word.”

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Want to know what we are up to? Well, check us out! We'd love to have you come and join us as we serve our God within our church family.

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Want to know what we are doing in our own community? We are doing a lot and we want you to come and be part of it!


Want to know what we are up to all over the world? Well, come and join us as we serve God on four continents and five different states!

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